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One Platform, Eliminates 90% of Your Manual Work

Automation workflows engage thousands of applicants & eliminate the headache

with drop-outs. Want to know where you save the most time & money?

Use real time ROI reports & forecasts.

Automate Everything

From interview follow-ups,
requesting pending
feedbacks to sucessful
candidate joining

Track What Matters

Focus your efforts on
candidates who engage
better with your brand

Analyse Performance

20+ powerful, ready to use
actionable reports &

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See How iClickats

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1 or 1,000 Hires a Month?

For iClickats it doesn't really matter.
You use automation workflows to:

  • Manage all your candidates, beyond their joining date
  • Eliminate potential drop-outs
  • Create an experience they will never forget
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Jam Packed with Powerful Time Saving Features

Mass Emails
Send thousands of applicants personalized emails. Perfect for interview drives.
Calendar Sync
Schedule, reschedule interviews directly synced with your calendar
Email Templates
With ready to use, personalized email templates, you save tons of time
Duplication Shield
Protects you from receiving the same applicant from multiple channels
Employee Referrals
Leverage your colleagues' network. Hire faster with referrals
Vendor Portal
Manage your vendor partners with ease without receiving the same applicant twice.
Pending Feedbacks
Never miss follow ups with interviewers and receiving their post intervew feedback.
Pending Offers
One place for easy follow-up on all your offers pending approval.
Task Management
Divide responsibilities and use tasks to follow up on applicants

Track & Measure
Candidate Engagement

iClickats tracks all sent emails. By knowing which Candidates read your emails you benefit from:

  • Lower chance of last minute drop-outs
  • Higher rate of offer acceptance
  • Stronger Candidate engagement
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iClickats Has Already Done This
For Thousands of Teams


Live Automations


Actions Completed


Days of Work Saved


Money Saved

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Analyse Performance

Measure everything, plus time and money iClickats is saving you by eliminating:

  • The manual work of your team
  • Follow-ups on interviews, feedbacks and offers
  • Follow-ups with applicants and vendor agencies
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What Our Clients Say
About Us.

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There are Many Applicant Tracking Platforms
Why iClickats?

iClickats is not a tool, it is a solution

Do you have experience with applicant tracking tools? If so, you know that they cost you money and are just that, tools. iClickats goes beyond being a software tool. It solves your hiring problems and should become an irreplacable part of your day to day activities.

iClickats - the irreplacable "colleague"

Companies using iClickats call her "the best colleague" they have ever had. Through automations, she performs thousands of activities for you and your team members every day. She nurtures your applicants, follows up with colleagues and best of all, she is never sick. In recruitment, you do need a colleague you can always count on.

iClickats is about saving your time & money

Do you believe that recruitment costs are high and frequently do not justify? Do you believe you are a wise spender of your hiring budget? Then iClickats is the only tool that can offer you best value for your money and show you immediate savings in real time reports.

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