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One Platform, Eliminates 90% of Your Daily Hassle

Looking for an applicant tracking solution that provides you with fast access to

your candidate database and super fast delivery to your clients? Look no further!

iClickats puts you back in charge of your revenues.

Safer Database

Never lose another
Candidate's information,
mail exchange or anything
else of value.

Faster Delivery

Built in powerful features
to help keep your team
organized and deliver

Higher Revenues

Sourcing and delivering
faster than your
competition puts you
ahead of your game.

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See How iClickats

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1 or 1,000 Candidates a Day?

With iClickats the focus is on safeguarding and monetizing your database. Here is how:

  • Eliminate dependency on individual colleagues.
  • Save every bit of Candidate information. Notes, mails & more
  • Capture all mail exchange under the Candidate's history
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Jam Packed with Powerful Time Saving Features

Mass Emails
Send thousands of applicants personalized emails. Perfect for interview drives.
Calendar Sync
Schedule, reschedule interviews directly synced with your calendar
Email Templates
With ready to use, personalized email templates, you save tons of time
Duplication Shield
Protects you from sending the same applicant to the same client
Employee Referrals
Leverage your employees network. Hire faster with referrals
Client Portal
Unique feature: Sync your iClickats with the iClickats of your Client for seemless collaboration.
Talent Pools
Work like folders. Add candidates to Talent Pools, Mass mail and manage with ease.
One place for easy follow-up on interviews. Never will your team miss another interview.
Task Management
Divide responsibilities and use tasks to follow up on applicants

Faster Delivery. Higher Revenues

From sourcing new Candidates to sifting through your database, your team delivers faster with these tools:

  • Talent Booster: Assign Candidates from social media to your jobs
  • Talent Pools: Categorize them & reach out faster
  • Tasks: Follow-up without a miss
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iClickats Has Already Done This
For Thousands of Agencies


Safer Database


Faster Delivery


Higher Revenues


Costs Saved

What Recruitment Agencies
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There are Many Applicant Tracking Platforms
Why iClickats?

iClickats for building a delivery process

Do you have experience with applicant tracking tools? Most tools provide you with features. iClickats provides you with a way to build your delivery process, gain cost efficiency and speed of delivery. When your delivery process is set right, you can save up to 90% on your sourcing costs and up to 50% on your recruitment costs.

iClickats - puts you back in control of your business

iClickats helps your team ( in office or remote) work in an organized manner. Tasks empower team members to follow up with Candidates. Talent Booster and Talent Pools boost team efficiency. Mass actions and mass mails help you operate like a powerful marketing machine for converting passive Candidates into active Applicants.

iClickats is about saving your time & money

Do you believe that recruitment agency costs are high and frequently do not justify? Do you believe there are more efficient ways to drive your business? iClickats is built on the premise of cost and time saving for small and medium recruitment agencies. Try it for yourself and for free.

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